From me to we

When individuals come together, dynamics shift.  The thoughts, experiences, perceptions and general mood of each person affect the dynamic of the whole.  It is interesting to reflect on the fact that amongst a group of 16 individuals there are over 80,000 possible relationships.  Add onto that, the fact that each of the individuals coming into that relationship has millions of different triggers and responses to particular stimulus and quite frankly it can all become a bit overwhelming.

Often it becomes so overwhelming that it causes what I refer to as a “flip out”.  The sheer quantity of human interactions we experience in modern society can, if not well managed, lead to illness and an inability to function.

This feeling of unbalance and sense of overwhelm that arises when I take the step from me to we, by interacting with others, is something I know I share with many people.

So what can be done to improve this?  Joy and pain exist at the junction where me becomes we.  With conscious attention to this juncture, one can tip the balance to joy.  Social alchemy occurs when you bring your whole self to this junction, without modification, but with a sense of reverence for the connection that is about to be made.

I am still learning how you do this.  I am still learning how to discover my truth, how to dig right down to the core of my beliefs and reveal the intricacies of what makes me tick.  I am still exploring how others perceive me at these junctures and how I behave in a manner that supports authenticity in these perceptions.

I have so much still to learn and for now am concentrating my efforts on trying to ask the right questions and to keep asking even when I feel like I have the answers but I am relieved to be feeling a beautiful sense of contentment knowing that I have identified the source of potential pain and that I have the will to find ways to overcome it.

Can you identify similar pain points in your experience, which, with conscious attention, you may be able to prevent or convert to joy? I love receiving reader feedback, please take the time to comment or share this post below.