Phoebe Maroulis - human Alchemist

I describe myself as a human alchemist, passionately gathering wisdom as I travel along life's' path, placing it in a crucible with as much vulnerability and grace as I can muster and doing all that I can to share the resulting tincture to live a life of joy and purpose.

I have run a half marathon amongst wild elephants in Kenya, been kidnapped in India and bogged out the Back of Bourke.  I have dined with the Prime Minister and entertained the Duke, but these are not the experiences that have brought me the most joy.  For me, the best of life comes in knowing that something I have said or done has helped another to live authentically, with grace and with the ability to connect to the richness of life within and without.

With degrees in Industrial Design and Commerce and a career path that has lead me through agripolitics, community development, the arts, running a service station, bioenergy, grazing and agriculture, online retailing and much in between, my journey is now being enhanced through the blossoming of my gift of providing fresh eyes to enable others to live good lives.

Life brings the greatest joy when I am able to help shift people from being actors in someone else's play, to being the director of their own...