Stimulating our 6 senses

Could ADHD and the many as yet unlabelled syndromes that burden the Millennial Child be, in part, the vengeance wrought by senses that have not been stimulated and harmonised?
— Millennial Child by Eugene Schwartz

How much is the unfolding of our entelechy being limited by modern societies reduced stimulation of the senses.  Sight and hearing are perhaps over stimulated with smell, touch and taste subdued.  I have a bunch of lillies in my living room at the moment.  Each time I pass a different memory or thought is stimulated.  At first a memory of my Grandmother which leads on to recalling some of her wise words.  Next the delight of spring and thoughts around being outdoor, relaxed and carefree.  And then a thought about how smell travels and infiltrates.  This thought flowing into questions about why one smell overpowers another and why some people can interpret a scent as pleasant while another person finds it repulsive.

Anyway, I digress.  My take home concept is that to fully realise our entelechy we must stimulate and harmonise all our senses….including our sixth sense.