Ride the Wild Donkey

After making my last post I travelled along a very twisty turny cyber path to this gem of a blog by Leonie Dawson

“And yet – if I just harness the energy of the wild donkey idea when it’s in my paddock, it makes creating so much easier.

I am happy to have days of huge creative surges then rest and recover for a week after.


Want to know what happens to the stuff that I wait for, molly coddle, caress gently, tease out, think about, want to make perfect?

That’s the stuff I haven’t made.

That’s the stuff that’s still sitting on my desk.

It’s called Mount Project, and it is a mammoth pile that still teases me.

Riding the wild donkey might be wild, my gosh is it fun and exhilarating and delicious.

And oh my goddess, how it gets things DONE. Created. Out in the world for them to dance their magic and do what they need to do.

Which is much more than can be said for all the dreams that lay buried in Mount Project”.

It really resonated with me.  Some days I am so energized and driven, chrystal clear in where I am heading and how I am realising my unique potential but on others I find it hard to believe I have any potential!  Perhaps I need to let myself enjoy the wild donkey ride and take the time to recuperate when it is over.  Thank you Leonie Dawson xxx