Indian Ayurvedic Health Retreat

A Feast for the Senses

Journey to Kerala, the birthplace of Ayurveda and experience 10 magical days of rest, replenishment and rejuvenation.  

Indulge in sumptuous daily treatments, delectable ayurvedic food, enriching conversation, inspiring company, replenishing yoga, all bringing you back to your natural state of balance and vitality.

Even the relatively short time we will spend on Retreat will have a profound effect on attitudes to your health which in Ayurvedic philosophy is synonymous with the harmony of body, mind and spirit.

On arrival you will have a thorough consultation with your personal Ayurvedic practitioner.  This analysis about your body, lifestyle and mental wellbeing is confidential and needed to assess your current situation.  From this, they will suggest and guide you to on to an individually designed program of treatments & menus for your Retreat.  All with the desire and understanding that these combined in a beautiful atmosphere, will assist you in attaining your own personal growth and overall wellbeing.

Massages and treatments take place in individual cottages or in private open-air studios - the sound of the ocean and birds in the palm trees is ever present. In this wonderfully calming atmosphere, far from everyday life & in such gentle skilled hands,  you will experience a profoundly intense state of relaxation.

You also have a personalised menu created specifically for your retreat program which allows you to understand how some foods are medicine for your body type and how others can inhibit your well being. This is a revelation to many and is easy to incorporate into everyday life back at home.

At night you will fall asleep to the sound of the sea and awaken to a lush scented garden full of birds and butterflies. The beach in the morning is an amazing spectacle of the local Kerala fishermen hauling in their early morning catch with the women hustling for their wares.  Between treatments you can swim or walk on the wide sandy beach or laze in your hammock and sip a fresh coconut juice.  Relaxation is encouraged !  Excursions to the local town, backwater cruises and shopping trips can also be arranged if you are feeling more active.  In the evening there are very talented local dancers, fabulous musicians and cooking demonstrations to enjoy if you wish. 

The Retreat has a team of 16 Ayurvedic Doctors and more than 80 trained therapists.  You are personally assigned two therapists and a doctor who will oversee your entire treatment program.  They are caring, nurturing and very dedicated in assisting you in attaining the most from your Retreat.

Your journey includes …

♦ 10 nights accommodation in delightful cottages set in secluded tropical gardens

♦ Individual Consultation on arrival with your Ayurvedic Practitioner to guide and monitor your personalised rejuvenation and healing program, with daily consultation whilst at the retreat

♦ Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy treatments and body massages for over 2 hours per day for the duration of your stay based on your personalised treatment program

♦ All Ayurvedic gourmet vegetarian meals are included. Your personalised menu is tailored to your individual body type for maximum rejuvenation & revitalising benefits

♦ All fresh juices, teas, beverages included

♦ All vitamins and tonics prescribed for you whilst on your retreat

♦ Unlimited daily Yoga, meditation & Pranayama (yogic breathing) classes

♦ Return airport to Retreat transfers

I trust that you will honour that quiet voice that is saying YES please!

Please contact me for dates, pricing and further information

Phoebe: 0409 311 893