Creating & Sharing

Speaking from the heart I share the lived journey - warts and all.  In so doing the audience feels connected, nurtured and whole.  By highlighting all the elements that make up community I expose the bits that need to be exposed and provide tools to discard those that are redundant

Words of Affirmation

"As a speaker and presenter Phoebe offers her whole heart.  She leans into her own discomfort to empower others to do the same with challenging, inspiring, thought provoking and activating content.  Phoebe is an engaging presenter and a deep thinker and will leave your audience with a sense that they just witnessed within themselves a magical shift".

Rebel Black, Founding Director, THE Rural Woman

The Little River Landcare Group is one of Australia’s leading Landcare Groups and a part of our strategic focus is the development of resilience within our human capital and developing strong social networks to enhance participation in Landcare, sustainable agricultural practice and community collaboration. In 2012, we invited Phoebe to be one of our guest speakers at our ‘Women in the Landscape’ Forum, where the key topic was ‘resilience’. Phoebe has a life rich in experience and has an eloquent way of expressing the most challenging of topics. Phoebe is a sophisticated speaker that delivers a clear message using her personal anecdotes to create meaning and connection. Phoebe touched our audience and as our opening speaker, created a platform for the day which interconnected all of our speakers together. Phoebe is insightful, gifted and an enabler of change.”

Pip Job, CEO