Give me Space


Do you dream of the magic you could create if only you had a space to create it in?

Space to collaborate, space to sell your wares, space to hang with your tribe, space to showcase your art, space to teach and to heal.....just give me space.

It can be an exhilarating ride to be a visionary, someone who sees potential at every turn and in every disused building, but it can also be exhausting working out how to take the mighty leap from idea to action.  

So I would like to offer you a foot in the door...literally.

I am giving you the opportunity to let me know how you could use the Macquarie Theatre, an incredible state of the art commercial, retail and residential complex in Wellington, NSW.   I will then see what I can offer in terms of flexible terms and conditions for the use of the space you need.  And if the Macquarie Theatre can't offer what you need I will do my best to help connect you to a space that can.

I want to hear how access to this building could escalate your path to entrepreneurial success and make a mark on the social fabric of regional Australia.  

The Macquarie Theatre complex consists of 2 x 2 bedroom refurbished apartments, 3 modern commercial office/retail spaces, a spacious auditorium, gallery, 2 meeting rooms and a large foyer/exhibition space.  Providing state of the art facilities the Macquarie Theatre complex has a huge range of spaces to meet your every need.

With scope to incorporate a café and retail space, offices, accommodation, meeting and training rooms, performance space and so it goes on, this complex is truly a blank canvas waiting for you to unleash your magic and make your mark.

If you are passionate, innovative and intelligent and willing  to step forward with fresh ideas and an unwavering drive to make a positive impact in this world I want to hear from you.  If you have long dreamt of a space of your own or who see the potential in every building you pass I want to hear all about it.

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